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Standard Eats is a modern app for a restaurant, bar or cafe owner seeking to create an outstanding customer experience not only by having the best food and drinks, but also by serving them in a smooth and efficient way.

Having both, front-end Point of Sales (POS) software combined with the back-end accounting and reporting tools in one application gives an advantage of real-time business overview as well as reduces the complexity of having different interfacing apps.

By customizing the Restaurant POS screen you can adapt Standard Eats to the way you do business. Create orders for your customers using the tab POS interface where you can edit orders at anytime and add comments to ensure customers' preferences can be communicated to the kitchen. Split bills or merge tables to accommodate your customers and their needs. Effectively manage your staff and selectively assign waiters to specific tables. 

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Workflow Overview

Workflow Overview
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Benefits of Choosing Standard Eats

Use for Free

This free app gives you the ability to manage bookings, add items and arrange tabs. With an intuitive POS interface, it is quick to take orders and manage your tabs using the various functions such as merging tables or splitting bills. Creating and setting up tabs takes only few minutes.

Effectively service your customers from the booking of their table until they pay the bill in an effortless manner.

Enjoy Mobility

Increase staff efficiency and reduce errors by giving waiters the flexibility to capture orders directly into the software while at the table through the intuitive POS interface.

Take orders, amend or customize them, all while moving between tables and attending to various customers at your cafe.

Whether you have a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer Standard Eats offers you the smartest restaurant and accounting features at your fingertips.

Expand Functionality

Start using the app immediately with the core functionality we provide you for free. As your business develops, the option is available to expand your software the way you want to by subscribing to additional functionality through the Marketplace.

Not only can you effectively manage your restaurant, bar or cafe but also your accounting and invoicing needs with this app.

Consistency and Commitment

All of our products are designed with the same intuitive user interface, reducing the need to relearn navigation when adding additional InApps.

Developing powerful business software is our primary focus and we are committed to providing the best products for your business. Access to the latest updates and functionality is available in every app we offer.

Comprehensive Support

All users will have access to Standard Eats resources such as Frequently Asked Questions, user guides, video tutorials and an online support forum. Providing you support at every step of the way.

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